Linköping University Vacancies in 2023

Linköping University offers various vacancies for individuals seeking employment opportunities in 2023. The university provides helpful resources and assistance for applicants throughout the application process. Applicants can find practical information about the vacancies, such as job requirements and application deadlines.

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Linköping University aims to facilitate a smooth application process and ensure that applicants have access to all the necessary resources. Whether it’s registering for an account, uploading application documents, or contacting the university’s support team, the application system is designed to provide convenience and ease for applicants.

In summary, Linköping University offers a range of vacancies and provides valuable assistance and practical information to applicants. By subscribing to the mailing list and utilizing the user-friendly application system, individuals can stay informed and actively participate in the university’s recruitment process.

The job openings are as follows:

  1. Postdoc in Communication Systems
  2. Ph.D. student in Theoretical Physics
  3. Ph.D. student in Infra informatics with an orientation in railway systems
  4. Postdoc in Applications of Information and Coding Theory
  5. Ph.D. student in computer science
  6. Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Change
  7. Assistant professor in Health physics, environmental radioactivity, and nuclear emergency preparedness
  8. Assistant Professor in Nutrition
  9. Ph.D. student in autonomous systems
  10. Teaching assistants/amanuensis in Quality Management and Engineering
  11. Postdoc in computer science
  12. Research Engineer in Cybersecurity
  13. Postdoc in Plant-based biohybrid living materials
  14. Research Assistant in Cybersecurity
  15. I am an assistant professor specializing in inorganic materials for the development of efficient and high-rate conversion and capture technologies. Additionally, I hold the title of WISE Fellow, which recognizes my expertise in this field.
  16. Postdoc in the field of sustainable resource management
  17. Postdoc in AI policy and strategy

All positions are temporary, and the employment type is either time-limited or extra-job. Candidates can visit the URLs provided in the table for detailed information on each position, including qualifications, responsibilities, and application instructions.

How To Apply!

The application process is online. if you want to apply for Linköping University Vacancies in 2023 click on the link given below:

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