New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship 2024

The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship 2024 is a prestigious opportunity for high school graduates and equivalency holders. This scholarship covers a portion of tuition and encourages students to enroll full-time to complete their two-year or four-year degrees.

With terms including Fall and Spring, recipients can receive the maximum award by meeting the Eligibility and Qualifying Term requirements set by the New Mexico State Legislature.

It provides financial assistance for attending college and supports academic success for deserving individuals.

New Mexico legislative lottery scholarship requirements

  • The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is available to New Mexico residents.
  • Eligible applicants include high school graduates from New Mexico public or accredited private high schools.
  • Students with a high school equivalency credential recognized by the New Mexico Public Education Department are also eligible.
  • Home-schooled students who meet the established residency criteria can apply as well.
  • Applicants must have attended a New Mexico secondary educational institution for at least four semesters.
  • To qualify, students must declare a financial aid eligible major and maintain residency in the state.
  • The scholarship covers a portion of tuition and pays 100% of tuition for eligible students pursuing an associate’s degree.
  • Recipients must meet the scholarship’s requirements throughout their academic journey to maintain eligibility.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for deserving students to pursue higher education and alleviate the financial burden of tuition expenses.
New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship 2024

Qualifying Term

During the Qualifying Term, which typically spans the first sixteen months of post-secondary education, students must meet certain requirements to establish eligibility for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship. Attendance is crucial, whether students are high school graduates or high school equivalency recipients.

To complete the Qualifying Term, students must earn at least twelve credit hours, including college-level courses and developmental classes. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated based on traditional letter grades, and CR (credit) grades do not affect the GPA. It is important for students to maintain satisfactory progress and fulfill the Qualifying Term criteria to secure the benefits of the scholarship.

Continuing Eligibility

To maintain Continuing Eligibility for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship, students must meet specific requirements over three terms of enrollment. At Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), students must complete a certain number of credit hours and maintain a satisfactory cumulative GPA. The GPA is calculated based on traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F), and CR (credit) grades do not count toward the GPA. It is important for students to earn good grades and avoid F, NC, I, W, or AU designations that could affect their eligibility. The total number of credit hours completed is a key factor in determining continuing eligibility for the scholarship.

Duration of Eligibility

The duration of eligibility for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is determined by the number of terms a student is awarded the scholarship. At Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), a recipient can maintain eligibility for up to three terms while pursuing an associate’s degree.

However, for students who transfer to a four-year institution, the total duration of eligibility can extend up to seven terms. It is important for students to meet the necessary requirements and remain eligible throughout their academic journey. By maintaining eligibility, students can continue to benefit from the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship and pursue their educational goals.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities at Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) have access to a range of support services through Accessibility Services. These services are designed to accommodate their qualified disability and ensure equal opportunities for success. By registering with Accessibility Services and having their disability approved, students can attend classes and complete their studies with the necessary accommodations and support in place.

In certain cases, students may be eligible for a Full Time Waiver, which allows for a reduced number of credits while maintaining full-time status. The Full Time Waiver is a valuable resource that helps students with disabilities manage their course load effectively. It is important for eligible students to apply for the waiver at the start of classes to meet the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship requirements and make the most of their academic journey.

Probationary Status

The probationary status is a mechanism provided by the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship program to support students facing exceptional mitigating circumstances. Students who encounter circumstances such as Active Military Duty can apply for probationary status by submitting the Request for Probationary Status form along with the required documentation to Scholarship Services.

The form allows students to explain their situation and demonstrate their financial need, which is evaluated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once the form is submitted, Scholarship Services reviews the application and may contact the student for further information if needed. The probationary status provides an opportunity for students with unique circumstances to have their situation considered and recommended for continuation of the scholarship despite not meeting the standard Lottery requirements.

Transferring the Lottery Scholarship

Transferring the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship to another New Mexico state institution involves several steps to ensure a seamless transition. To initiate the transfer process, students need to submit a New Mexico Scholarship Transfer Transcript, which can be obtained through CNM Financial Aid and Scholarship Services. By logging into their myCNM account and navigating to the Financial Aid section, students can access the necessary forms and information.

It is important to complete all required fields and provide accurate grades for the current semester. If students have any questions or need additional information regarding the lottery scholarship transfer, they can refer to the Lottery Questions and Answers (Q&A) section or reach out to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services for assistance. The transfer process aims to facilitate the continuation of the lottery scholarship at the new institution and ensure that students can maximize their educational opportunities.

Calculate Your Qualifying Term

To calculate your Qualifying Term for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship, you need to consider a few key factors. If you are a New Mexico high school graduate or a recipient of a high school equivalency credential, you are eligible to begin your Qualifying Term for post-secondary education.

The Qualifying Term spans a duration of sixteen months and includes Fall and Spring semesters. It is important to plan your course load and ensure that you complete the necessary credit hours within this timeframe. By accurately calculating your Qualifying Term, you can optimize your eligibility for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship and make the most of your post-secondary educational journey

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Does my high school GPA impact my eligibility for the Lottery Scholarship?

A1: No, the eligibility for this scholarship is determined by college GPA.

Q2: Does the Lottery Scholarship cover the entire cost of tuition?

A2: The amount of tuition covered by the scholarship will vary by institution. Contact your intended institution for specific coverage details.

Q3: Am I eligible to apply for other types of financial aid if I receive the Lottery Scholarship?

A3: Yes, you may be eligible for other financial aid programs. It’s recommended to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Q4: Does the Lottery Scholarship cover other expenses like student fees, books, or room and board?

A4: No, the Lottery Scholarship only applies to tuition costs.

Q5: How soon must a student enroll after completing high school for the New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship?

A5: Students must enroll full-time within sixteen months of graduation at a New Mexico public post-secondary institution to establish eligibility.

Q6: What is considered full-time for Lottery Scholarship Eligibility?

A6: For four-year universities, it’s 15 credit hours per semester; for two-year community colleges, it’s 12 credit hours per semester.

Q7: What are the provisions for students entering military service after high school?

A7: Military service within four months of high school completion may establish eligibility within sixteen months of honorable service or medical discharge.

Q8: Can the scholarship be transferred to an out-of-state institution or private institution in New Mexico?

A8: No, the scholarship is only valid for public post-secondary institutions within New Mexico.

Q9: Will attending a non-qualifying institution after high school forfeit eligibility?

A9: Yes, eligibility requires first attendance at a qualifying New Mexico public post-secondary institution.

Q10: Does a New Mexico home-schooled student qualify for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship?

A10: Yes, home-schooled students qualify by being registered with the NM Public Education Department.

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