Poland Government Scholarship 2023-24 in Poland

The Poland Government Scholarship program offers excellent opportunities for international students from developing nations to pursue a Master’s degree in Poland. Administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), this scholarship aims to build capacity in technical, agricultural, exact, and life sciences.

Recipients of the scholarship receive a tuition fee waiver and a monthly stipend. Moreover, they benefit from mentorship and exposure, contributing to their academic and professional growth. The program’s focus on the social responsibility of science and closer cooperation with developing countries ensures a diverse and inclusive education opportunity.

One such program is the Banach Scholarship Program, providing scholarships to study in Poland for students from developing countries. The program, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, aims to enhance education opportunities and foster collaboration between nations.

The Poland Government Scholarship, along with the Banach Scholarship Program, exemplifies the country’s commitment to education, industry, and new technologies. Fully funded scholarships like these not only raise the standard of living for recipients but also foster international cooperation and academic excellence. For those seeking world-class education in technical and scientific fields, studying in Poland can be a transformative experience.

Application Poland Government Scholarship:

Aspiring students interested in the Poland Government Scholarship can now submit their applications through the online portal. To apply, applicants need to complete the scholarship application form and carefully check their profiles before hitting the “Submit” button. The application deadline is March 31, 2023, at 3:00 PM (local time). Students can choose to fill out the application form in either Polish or English. Don’t miss this opportunity to start your journey to study in Poland with this prestigious scholarship. Apply now and seize your chance to pursue higher education in a vibrant and academically enriching environment.

Required Documents:

  • To apply for the Poland Government Scholarship 2023-24, you will need the following required documents:
  • A valid passport, first-cycle diploma/degree, university certificate, English language B2 level proficiency certificate, and a recommendation letter.
  • Ensure to scan and submit these documents through the application portal.
  • The scholarship program requires confirmation of language proficiency, and the B2 level certificate must be drafted by a recognized authority.
  • Contact the Polish diplomatic mission for any additional information and assistance during the application process.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to pursue your academic dreams in Poland with this prestigious scholarship!


Who can apply?

  • The Poland Government Scholarship 2023-24 welcomes applications from eligible students. To apply, you must meet the following criteria:
  • Hold citizenship in an eligible country or possess Polish citizenship, have completed a first-cycle study or equivalent, and be accepted into a master’s degree program or second-cycle study in technical sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, or exact and natural sciences.
  • Proficiency in either Polish or English language is required, and if applying for a Polish language preparatory course, a minimum A2 level is necessary, while B1 or B2 level is required for degree programs.
  • Don’t miss this chance to pursue your academic aspirations in Poland through this prestigious scholarship program!

Benefits of Poland Government Scholarship:

  • The Poland Government Scholarship 2023-24 offers a range of benefits to successful applicants.
  • It includes a tuition fee waiver, allowing scholars to pursue their degree program in Poland without worrying about financial constraints.
  • Additionally, recipients will receive a monthly stipend to support their living expenses during their studies.
  • International students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Polish language and culture, enriching their educational experience.
  • The NAWA scholarship opens doors to explore vibrant European countries and provides exciting learning opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to embrace a fully funded scholarship and broaden your horizons!

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