university of oslo online courses

Are you looking for university of Oslo online courses? More than a thousand Massive available Online Courses (MOOCs) are accessible through the internet. Most of them are in English and almost all sorts of subjects are offered. During the procedure, you will meet other people taking the same course enabling you to discuss topics, ask questions and build networks.

University of Oslo online courses list:

Diploma or certificate – but not university credits.

For a fee, many MOOCs will mail you a certification or diploma after finishing the course. Note that the diplomas/certificates will not provide you access to universities but they may be beneficial when applying for a job as they will show that you are keen to expand your area of expertise.


There is no application required, but some classes have set starting dates.

Technical information:

You require internet access through a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Mention that all public libraries in Norway keep some computers with internet access free to use for anyone e.g.: Deichmanske bibliotek.

The biggest MOOC portals are:

Coursera is an education forum that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide.

edX hosts online university-level courses in a broad range of disciplines for a worldwide student body.

FutureLearn provides a various selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from all over the world.

Udacity provides especially science and technology courses.

Iversity has a sort of advanced collaboration feature that provides an opportunity for users to share knowledge and create their own personal content side by side.

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